SINCE THE INCEPTION of major championship golf, only 19 male players have won five or more major championships, from 19th century champ John Henry Taylor to Phil Mickelson, who captured his fifth major title at the 2013 Open Championship.  We define these 19 players as golf’s greatest champions, or simply: “the greats”.

It’s quite obvious that the greatest golfers on this list (and we’ll show you who they are later on) consistently performed at a higher level than their peers time and time again, but ironically, many of them did not exhibit textbook swing mechanics. So what is it that allowed these 19 golfers – -including Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Tiger Woods and Mickelson– and their female counterparts such as: Mickey Wright, Annika Sorenstam, & Julie Inkster, to achieve such rare and great accomplishments?

Golf’s 8 Second Secret is a shot process primarily developed from the observable characteristics and written commentary of golf’s greatest champions. “We were able to view footage of the swings of all 19 male greats, including the early champions such as John Henry Taylor and Henry Vardon.”  This book teaches a shot process that we have identified to be similar to the shot processes inherently used by the greats.  These great champions did not excel solely on swing mechanics, but through a multi-phase shot process — a process that all of us golfers can learn from and adopt. 

Golf’s 8 Second Secret shot process as outlined in this book consists of three phases and four key elements.  The phases are: the Information Gathering phase, the Pre-Swing phase, and the Swing phase.  The key elements within the second and third phases are: time limitation, movement, shot visualization, and feel.

When you read the words “Golf’s 8 Second Secret shot process,” understand that the title was derived form one of the elements we identified as being critical in  the shot process (time limitation).  Further, we believe this element along with movement and feel have rarely been studied or taught in modern times.  We also have clearly defined, and in some cases redefined, the three phases, which will strengthen one’s shot process.