• I just finished Golf’s 8 Second Secret and just wanted to tell you what a fantastic book it is! I am a tournament golfer and have struggled for years with pulling the shot off in a consistent / timely manner (I am a Lee Westwood)…especially under the gun!  I was thrilled when I discovered your book. It is filled with so much relevant information. I am in the process of implementing the 3 phases. I have only been able to work on this at the indoor hitting loft at my club (due to the weather) but am very pleased with the progress thus far. The result is a much freer / instinctive swing…can’t wait to take it to the course. So much less stress over the ball. It feels great to not start my swing from a static position.  I’ve taken many lessons over the years and find it hard to believe this has never been taught.  To someone like me, this is as important as any swing mechanic tip. – Tim, Maryland
  • I won the Devon Claret Jug.  Shot 73 off a 9 handicap.  My play was utterly amazing after reading “Golf’s 8 Second Secret”. My handicap has dropped from 9 to 6.7 in less than 60 days! – Graham, U.K.
  • My handicap dropped three strokes within two weeks after reading this book.  It’s the best resource I’ve seen that gives detailed instructions on what to do before the swing.  13.8 Index – D. Gallagher
  • After reading the book, my first round I shot 65 (par 70)…. You and Mike are geniuses!!!
    Senior Golfer – 1 Handicap
  • I really enjoyed reading the 8 Sec Book.  I’m trying to implement the Phases as I practice & it has already helped my score as I play.  Kind of a peaceful confidence over the ball knowing that the details of the shot have been given proper & thorough attention.  I really appreciate you sharing the book with me!  Stuart
  • If you play with your buddies for money, don’t tell them about the “Golf’s 8 Second Secret”, because they will improve their game as well and it will diminish your chance of winning again.  Great book!!!! J. Schmid, Austria – 12 Handicap
  • Bender & Mercier have bridged the gap between the fundamental shot process and golf psychology and brought them together. Golf’s 8 Second Secret is a terrific read for golfers of every level. – Michael S. Harmon, PGA
  • Excellent on many levels – written by a player about playing golf. – John Cook, 22 PGA Wins
  • After reading Golf’s 8 Second Secret, I have made some great changes to help me be freer, more dynamic and target oriented in my shot process.  -Jonathon Byrd, PGA Tour Win