• I won the Devon Claret Jug.  Shot 73 off a 9 handicap.  My play was utterly amazing after reading “Golf’s 8 Second Secret”. My handicap has dropped from 9 to 6.7 in less than 60 days! – Graham, U.K.
  • My handicap dropped three strokes within two weeks after reading this book.  It’s the best resource I’ve seen that gives detailed instructions on what to do before the swing.  13.8 Index – D. Gallagher
  • After reading the book, my first round I shot 65 (par 70)…. You and Mike are geniuses!!!
    Senior Golfer – 1 Handicap
  • I really enjoyed reading the 8 Sec Book.  I’m trying to implement the Phases as I practice & it has already helped my score as I play.  Kind of a peaceful confidence over the ball knowing that the details of the shot have been given proper & thorough attention.  I really appreciate you sharing the book with me!  Stuart
  • If you play with your buddies for money, don’t tell them about the “Golf’s 8 Second Secret”, because they will improve their game as well and it will diminish your chance of winning again.  Great book!!!! J. Schmid, Austria – 12 Handicap
  • Bender & Mercier have bridged the gap between the fundamental shot process and golf psychology and brought them together. Golf’s 8 Second Secret is a terrific read for golfers of every level. – Michael S. Harmon, PGA
  • Excellent on many levels – written by a player about playing golf. – John Cook, 22 PGA Wins
  • After reading Golf’s 8 Second Secret, I have made some great changes to help me be freer, more dynamic and target oriented in my shot process.  -Jonathon Byrd, PGA Tour Win