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Golf’s 8 Second Secret is a shot process that was developed from visual research of and written commentary from golf’s greatest male champions (players who have won five or more major championships) as well as Mike Bender’s four decades of knowledge from playing and teaching golf. The process encompasses all the mental thoughts and physical actions and how they work simultaneously, from the moment a player begins to analyze a shot to be played up until the follow-through is completed. The process is clearly defined, and it redefines parts of the traditional shot process.  It also identifies some elements that have rarely, if ever, been written about or taught – elements that were key in the success of golf’s greatest champions.

Golf’s 8 Second Secret teaches you the phases and elements in the shot process that will increase your ability to swing freer and more instinctively, leading to higher-quality shots, more consistent  play, and lower scores…especially under pressure.

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The video links on this site should be helpful to further enhance your understanding and provide visual reference to strengthen written instructions from the book.

Mike Bender
Mike Bender

About The Authors

Mike Bender was the 2009 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year and has been ranked as one of the Top Five Best Teachers in America by Golf Digest Magazine for more than a decade, ranked by Golf Magazine (since 1996) as one of the Top 100 Teachers in America.  Named as North Florida PGA Section Teach of the Year (1996, 1998, 2005, 2007). His students include the 2007 Masters Champion and 2015 Open Champion Zach Johnson, 5 Time PGA Champion Jonathan Byrd, and more than two dozen other PGA, Champions & LPGA Tour Professionals. He currently runs the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, Florida. 

He is a 2 Time NCAA Division III Individual Champion Golfer and played on the PGA Tour for three years. He crafted his knowledge of golf and the golf swing with the likes of Ben Doyle, David Leadbetter & Mac O’Grady. He resides in Lake Mary, Florida.


Michael Mercier is an amateur golfer who resides in Juno Beach, Florida.

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Golfs 8 Second Secret